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1138 N. Alma School Rd. Mesa, AZ 85201

About EEG


We are can-do professionals who know the ins and outs of construction and environmental compliance. Before your construction projects begin, we put our know-how to work spotting potential obstacles and delays to swiftly and expertly navigate environmental challenges – like permitting, traversing sensitive habitats and crafting Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. We do this to get your projects done on time, on budget, while protecting the environment today and years from now. We balance the needs of construction and protection, and make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day if a project calls for it.

We know federal, state and local regulations and regularly earn high marks from environmental representatives at agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and tribal and local officials.


Provide high-quality service to you, while protecting the environment and meeting the strictest construction schedules. To do that, we communicate with you frequently, consistently and honestly. We believe in smartly planning to uncover challenges before they become problems that derail construction or harm natural resources.


We are a Mesa, Ariz.-headquartered subsidiary of minority-controlled MasTec (NYSE: MTZ), one of the world’s largest providers of infrastructure services. We serve all environmental aspects of the construction and development of projects for extra-high-voltage infrastructure, mining, oil & gas and other industries. Our experience with specialized fields of construction like EHV allows us to customize site-specific environmental plans, generate and execute SWPPP, install and maintain erosion and sediment controls, and implement best management practices (BMPs).

If you’re looking for experienced, honest and driven people, we are EEG.

EEG has worked as an extension of Pattern’s Environmental Team, and the return on our investment for their various environmental compliance and permitting services has been outstanding.
Allen Wynn
Director, Environmental & Permitting

Pattern Energy

We’re working with them on a transmission line project; their experience with similar projects and BLM is 10 out of 10.
Randy Schulze

CBX International

From mapping to dealing with ecological issues on tribal lands, EEG knows its stuff; if this were baseball, the 500-kV transmission project we’re working on now with EEG proves they're in the major league.
Ciro Benitez
Environmental Restoration Division Manager

Gothic Landscape, Inc.

EEG is very sharp when it comes to understanding environmental regulations; they’re acutely aware of what they have to do keep construction moving and why government agencies asks for certain things.
Julie Ogilvie, J.D.
Founder, President and Regulatory Specialist

Artemis Environmental Services, Inc.