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1138 N. Alma School Rd. Mesa, AZ 85201

Geographic Information Systems

EEG uses various GIS tools and spatial applications to reduce redundant and often expensive mapping, field, and data collection activities. We’ve developed innovative ways to bring the field to the office, shorten timeframes between data collection and decision making, and strengthen communication and understanding of project dynamics among team members.

our services include

EEG builds base maps of essential project components and environmental elements to establish context and baseline conditions, define project boundaries, and understand relationships between nature and proposed projects.

EEG GIS experts work with environmental scientists to create land-use and environmental assessment models so clients and regulatory agencies make better decisions up front and manage risk more effectively.

Our team helps EEG clients input assumptions across a wide range of scenarios to explore different outcomes and chose the right one for construction and nature.

By layering maps derived from surveys and GIS analysis, EEG’s experts can pinpoint areas best suited for development, as well as areas requiring protection.

EEG’s mapping capabilities marry technology and its ability to analyze, explain and explore the ideal pathway and siting for construction and environmental compliance.

EEG collects field data using ESRI’s mobile technology to eliminate errors, reproduce data and reduce reporting time.

EEG’s remote sensing helps map and monitor physical characteristics across large project areas including wildlife habitats, vegetation health, water features, and elements of built environments.

EEG’s mapmakers weave videos, photos and more into interactive maps that show stakeholders how projects will unfold and look in and around natural resources.

EEG puts an unparalleled level of information into the hands of its clients for smart decision-making.