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1138 N. Alma School Rd. Mesa, AZ 85201

Drone Services

EEG uses drone technologies to deliver strategic and competitive advantages and efficiencies. EEG uses its fleet of drones as data collection, field reconnaissance, quality control, and communication tools. EEG stays at the forefront of drone development to marry the right technology with specific needs of projects. All EEG pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified.


EEG pilots can fly overhead to identify dangerous or sensitive areas inaccessible by foot, and our teams can create a permanent record of a project or specific aspects of a job.

EEG can aid project managers to monitor compliance and/or productivity of construction crews with regularly scheduled flyovers, infrastructure inspections, and more.

Our drones, or UAVs, create high-resolution mosaic maps covering hundreds of acres or more with greater detail, pinpointing environmental concerns, and at less cost than aerial photos.

Our pilots carry out aerial surveys to build 3D models that zero in on environmental compliance and construction areas of interest for planning, permitting and more.

EEG can use UAVs with thermal imaging to monitor pipelines for line sag or track down a specific, environmental or construction problem like a pipeline leak.

EEG pilots can capture real-time images at critical junctures of a project to involve all the stakeholders in decision-making that can help avoid construction delays or rebuilding.

“EEG’s team is professional, conscientious and dedicated,” said Allen Wynn, director, Environmental & Permitting, Pattern Energy