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Natural Resource Management

In addition to environmental permitting and inspection services, EEG provides preliminary and comprehensive natural resource management. We strive to meet the needs of industry by offering a realistic, no-nonsense approach to environmental compliance by ensuring our clients’ regulatory needs are met while preserving our natural resources.


EEG determines if there are sensitive biological resources like wetlands and habitats and maps these constraints on the client’s site plan along with detailed recommendations.

After a biological assessment, EEG experts develop a plan with construction clients to ensure work will not have an adverse impact on natural resources.

EEG scientists carry out detailed site visits to identify and document avian species and nesting areas that may traverse or be found along the path of construction.

To obtain USFWS and other permits for construction, EEG’s biologists consult with clients to create protocols to protect unique birds, mammals, reptiles and/or plants.

To streamline permitting and construction, EEG compiles desktop data and resources, locates habitats, and catalogs transect surveys and sampling measures.

EEG indexes benthic, or bottom-dwelling, macroinvertebrates like snails and worms along a project path to gauge the health of waterbodies and aid in siting and permitting.

EEG examines proposed construction areas to determine if clients need to take measures to prevent negatively effecting bat species and their migration.

Through site visits, mapping and other means, EEG helps clients meet the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ delineation protocol for discharging fill in wetlands, streams, etc.

EEG calculates the quantity of water forming groundwater as part of construction planning to comply with National Forest Service, BLM and other agency policies.

In cooperation with federal, state, local and tribal agencies, EEG focuses on preventing noxious weed infestations, early treatment of weeds and containing infestations.

“We take the guess work out of environmental compliance and ensure accountability in simple, inexpensive terms,” said Kevin Seegmiller, environmental director for EEG.