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Siting & Feasibility Studies

Proper siting of infrastructure is a first and important step to a successful construction project.  EEG understands both environmental permitting and construction, and therefore, uniquely understands how to properly plan and site infrastructure.  EEG’s team of land use planners, environmental specialists, GIS experts, and construction personnel collaborate through a comprehensive and systematic process to identify the most suitable locations for various types of infrastructure.


Our team uses a systems perspective to identify favorable locations for infrastructure, while also avoiding areas that often constrain projects by an area’s physical, biological, and socio-cultural attributes.

EEG determines the influence of proposed projects on both the function and structure of natural and built environmental perspectives, including existing and future land use, zoning, biological, cultural, historic, visual, engineering, and construction factors.

EEG collects data early in project planning to analyze not only environmental impacts on a proposed location but also presents an adequate number of alternatives for construction.

EEG takes construction managers’ and regulatory agencies’ criteria and crunches that data to identify optimal locations for electric transmission lines, power generation facilities, oil and gas pipelines, access roads, staging areas and more.

EEG’s industry experts support clients by preparing them to respond to inquiries; EEG experts also attend and concisely and cogently present findings at public hearings.

“EEG has its act together in what is a really difficult, stressful field with many regulatory agencies; they know how to mitigate what can become multimillion dollar environmental issues if not addressed,” said a regulatory specialist.