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1138 N. Alma School Rd. Mesa, AZ 85201

Construction Compliance & Environmental Inspection

EEG is a full-service environmental consulting firm specializing in all aspects of environmental permitting, inspection, and compliance monitoring. From your project’s inception, to final release, EEG uses a multifaceted plan of action to ensure the success of your needs. Our knowledgeable staff are well-balanced in all areas of environmental compliance, ensuring a custom plan of action to achieve your project’s goals.


EEG coordinates on site with construction teams to ensure compliance with approved permits and regulations.

Development of permit specific SWPPP plans paired with a comprehensive inspection regimen allows us to ensure our clients receive favorable and timely project outcomes.

Our experts conduct due-diligence surveys prior to construction to identify potential environmental issues that could impact construction plans; we’ll share red-flag issues and alternative construction approaches with government agencies to prevent projects delays.

We offer customized plans of development incorporating controls tailored to meet your project needs.

EEG’s team offers ROW agents who possess the expertise and foresight to successfully plan and execute a project from inception to completion.

EEG staff are former state and federal regulators who possess the knowledge to perform comprehensive environmental audits and ensure clients maintain the highest level of compliance for the life of their project.

Our specialists choose from permit-specific planting plans to identify native and recommended species to replant by researching success rates for a given region with emphasis on the control and eradication of invasive species such as noxious weeds.

We serve as in-house project mediators for construction, project management, regulatory, and community stakeholders by improving communication to achieve a common goal.

Our team designs and holds virtual and in-person training such as Project Site Specific Environmental Orientation Training, Sensitive Species Training, Qualified Individual Stormwater Training. Our team also attends all project meetings to provide tailboards as required.

EEG provides environmental and other staff to all sectors of the oil and gas, energy, and construction industries. Our team offers industry-recognized consultants with world-class contacts. We deliver the best of the best for the following positions:

  • Construction Manager
  • Chief Inspector
  • Assistant Chief Inspector
  • Lead Welding Inspector
  • NACE Coating Inspector (All Levels)
  • Welding Inspector (AWS-CWI & non-CWI)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector
  • Project Planner/Scheduler
  • Lead Utility Inspector
  • Utility Inspector
  • Materials Inspector
  • Office Manager
  • Safety Inspector
  • Environmental Inspector
  • Inventory Specialist
  • Land Agent
  • Many other trades, crafts, and professions
“As a project ends, some outfits say, ‘Look, we’ve 70 percent ground cover; you’re done,’ but maybe that’s a fast-growing and fast-burning grass like rye. EEG pushes to get the right vegetation and native species for compliance,” said an Environmental Advisor for a major U.S. utility.