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Environmental Planning & Permitting

With knowledge and insight gained from regulatory experience and past project oversight in all regions of the U.S., EEG offers site-specific permitting plans tailored to suit your project’s needs. Before the first stone is turned—through preplanning, due diligence and research—EEG provides the necessary tools to prevent project delays, increase productivity, and achieve scheduled milestones.


EEG’s team handles permitting and inspection for general construction, notices of intent and notices of termination.

EEG is equipped to perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments that guard our clients against liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and adhere to the legal and current standards of Due Diligence, All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

Should a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment conclude there is an environmental concern, EEG offers services performing additional subsurface investigation of potentially contaminated sites in the form of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

We help federal agencies and developers weigh the potential environmental impact of their projects through environmental assessments, impact statements and categorical exclusions. Our goal of 100% clarity in writing NEPA documents means that all readers discover exactly the same major conclusions.

Our team tailors a plan to ensure a client’s work complies with environmental legislation and mitigates the effect of construction on worksite and surrounding property.

EEG not only shepherds a permit review through the process but also knows how to streamline reviews to speed up a timetable or prevent delays.

EEG experts know the challenges obtaining mining permits and can overcome public and private concerns with a technically sound, straightforward approach to permitting.

EEG understands the Clean Water Act (§ 401, 402, 404), Rivers and Harbors Act and advises clients when construction meets exceptions, and when permits are a must.

EEG’s SPPC plans meet the EPA’s rules preventing the discharge of oil into navigable waters, so construction crews can prevent a spill or contain it should one happen.

For equipment like mobile concrete batching plants, EEG efficiently obtains permits to keep construction timetables intact.

We collaborate with agencies like BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and our clients to analyze a total impact on the landscape using surveys and simulation programs.

“From mapping and planning to dealing with special status species and ecological issues on tribal lands, EEG knows how to coordinate and communicate; if this were baseball, EEG belongs in the major leagues,” said Ciro Benitez, environmental restoration division manager, Gothic Landscape, Inc.