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Community & Government Outreach

EEG knows negative public opinion can hurt your company’s image and postpone or even derail a project. Following our multidisciplinary approach, clients build relationships within communities built on trust, competence and empathy for neighbors’ concerns.

our services include

From project inception through completion, EEG brings a unique combination of public involvement expertise to projects. EEG’s multidisciplinary approach enlists environmental professionals, conflict resolution specialists, collaborative exploration, custom-tailored strategies and solutions, and a capacity to create and sustain long-lasting relationships.

Scoping is a critical part of environmental planning and permitting. EEG assists clients to effectively communicate with stakeholders, bring out relevant questions, help agencies and clients find alternatives, and break down communication barriers between parties.

EEG serves as a go-between, liaison, diplomat, and educator for clients and stakeholders along the path to a balanced and sustainable solution.

EEG knows that community outreach is vital from inception through completion for the success of any project. EEG develops custom-tailored plans to avoid the cost of project delays, while gaining and maintaining respect from your community for self-sustaining, lasting community relationships.

EEG brings a collaborative problem-solving approach to prevent a dispute before it arises or turns into ligation related to the environment, energy, transportation, construction, public lands, or natural resources.

EEG possesses peer-reviewed methods of collecting data related to health in low-income, minority, and indigenous communities and promotes community members being meaningfully involved and fairly treated.

EEG’s team knows how to work with funding agencies, government officials, community members, and stakeholders to obtain project funding. We assist throughout a project to mitigate and overcome environmental challenges to conclude construction successfully.

“EEG helps its clients build their projects in compliance with the laws and regulations developed by the American people and Congress to protect waters, wetlands and species,” said an environmental attorney who works closely with EEG.